Danisa Butter Cookies, Why Can The Consumer be Addicted?

Danisa Butter Cookies are trademarks of pastry products with original Danish recipes. This cake product is unique because it is a type of biscuit cake product that is made from margarine but is not given additional yeast. The cake which was then distributed in Indonesia through the Mayora Group has actually been present in the community since 1998. The Danish biscuit is increasingly preferred because of its soft but crisp texture in the mouth.

Review of Danisa Butter Cookies That Make Consumers Addicted

Danish biscuits produced by Danish Specialty Food have been marketed in more than 80 countries worldwide. In Indonesia alone, these butter cookies are marketed under the trademark of PT Mayora. With a variety of advantages in terms of texture to taste making this cake much-loved by the public.

1. They have 5 types of biscuit variants

In one can of Danisa biscuits, you will get 5 types of biscuits with different models and flavors. Call it there are vanilla ring variants, Norwegian style, Finnish style, Swedish style, and also currant cookies. The difference of each of these styles can be seen both from the shape, topping, to the taste and texture of the butter cookies.

2. Each style has its own uniqueness

Each style is presented not only with different and unique shapes, but also different flavors and textures. For example, for variants without toppings namely Norwegian style and vanilla ring. Both of these butter cookies have a very soft texture on the tongue. Besides being soft, the taste of these cookies is also delicious and also delicious when bitten.

Conversely, for variants of currant cookies have a slightly sour taste sweet because it is given a topping in the form of raisins. Finnish and Swedish style served with a dressing of refined sugar and raisins also makes the taste more sweet, savory and slightly sour. Overall, each variant of this cookie has a hard texture with a little crunchy.

3. They suitable to enjoy in relaxing time while drinking tea

Danish cakes made from flour, eggs, margarine, and other ingredients combine with a secret recipe from Denmark to produce tasty and tasty cookie cookies on the tongue. This cake is perfect for you to enjoy while drinking tea in the morning, afternoon or evening. Usually, the most often used for tea drinking friends is the Norwegian style and vanilla ring which is really tasty but also soft on the tongue.

4. They have a mini version

Danisa Butter Cookies now also comes with a miniature version that you can also consume. Although smaller, the cake also still has a distinctive flavor of cookies from Danisa. You can enjoy these butter cookies from Danisa while chatting casually with family.

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